Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whether you like to enjoy the evening walks like me?

Hello again my friends! I artist Valery Rybakow, from the site:

I would like to tell you today and ask you about enjoying an evening stroll.

I get a lot of positive emotions from leisurely walks in the evening and at night the park. Why do I deliver these trips fun - I do not know. Such a walk among the lonely lonely lamps birth interesting philosophical thoughts, make us think about the higher.

And the silence, the lack of people and cars around, contribute to this. Did you notice how interesting and heterogeneous reflected light of a lantern in the crown of the trees the night? It can be seen on many of my paintings, I am writing a palette knife on the night in the park a section of my gallery paintings.

A passing lane on the night by a lonely and empty benches did not born fellings of loneliness and emptiness? I love these stories. Evening and night nature provides a huge amount of emotion. These emotions are quite different: the loneliness, boredom, sadness, romance, joy, peace, and many others.

I love to walk slowly on a lonely evening or night park. I love to enjoy a quiet, lush canopy of trees play in the light of lanterns, like watching a slender line of light from the light balls, going in a straight line distance of the park at night.

Do you walk on a lonely evening the park, like me, the artist Valery Rybakow

Most of my painting palette knife can be seen at his website

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