Wednesday, November 16, 2011

 Cityscape - painting with oil and palette knife. Artist Valery Rybakow.

Hello fans and lovers of the beautiful, good morning friends!

Today, finally finished the page Russian version of its


( under the title:

- painting with oil and palette knife.

Artist Valery Rybakow.

It is available at:

This way you will understand about the pattern of the

urban landscape

Currently I am here to include more

rural landscape


of the urban landscape at night

the future it will be separate pages gallery).

Once the page is "Cityscape"
was ready - I was surprised and interested discovered that my work is dominated
by a few lines of urban landscapes:


This is the old cozy streets at sunset (as I wrote one admirer, I saw these
streets in the south of France).

Here are paintings of one of the
Городской пейзаж.Живопись."Старый город. Вечер.",холст,масло,мастихин.Валерий Рыбаков.

Night lonely city parks.
The key
word here is "lonely."

About my sympathy to the lonely streets and parks of the night I wrote in the
article: "
you like to walk in the park the night?

It is available at: nocnomu-parku.html

this article illustrate the most dear to my heart the painting of the subject)


And new for me for: Rural (rural

Paintings of this area particularly caught my attention in productive work en
plein air

Artists "Krayavidy
", dedicated to historical places Lyakhovichi district,

By the way is now an exhibition in Brest (Belarus), which presents the results
of plein air.


Деревенский пейзаж. Живопись сельский пейзаж. "Гумно в родовом имении Тадеуша Рейтона в Савейках"

Деревенский пейзаж. Живопись сельский пейзаж. "Солнечный день в Савейках", холст, масло, мастихин.39х68, 2011г.

Dear friends!

I wanted to tell you more deeply about the internal atmosphere of the very
writing of my oil paintings and palette knife, but I think a good idea to
separate an interesting article in one of the following numbers of


Thank you, dear,
for your interest!

Divine love you!

Your artist, Valery


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