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Secrets creation paintings only palette knife. Artist Rybakow. In this article: Difference between acrylic and oil paints for creation paintings.

Difference between acrylic and oil paints for creation of paintings. Though these two materials also serve one purpose - to a paint as them of paintings - however properties of these paints absolutely different.
I had periods when I very much took a great interest acrylic in paints for a writing of paintingque paintings. It seemed to me that ideally and about an oil paint and to think it is possible to forget.
 And that is why:
acrylic the paint quickly dries

has no characteristic smell

it is quickly washed off from hands

acrylic a paint it is possible (and it is necessary) to plant with water

and one more important feature acrylic - having put the necessary layer on a painting canvas it is possible to wait for a paint a little and it is possible to put repeatedly the following correcting layer (in oil paintings such to make it is rather problematic)
All seems remarkably and that else I am necessary for a happy :-) life For comparison I will give an example two my pictures about one plan: one picture is written acrylic by a paint, other picture - oil. On my Gallery-site there are more detailed (increased) details of these paintings to look them it is possible here and here.
written by oil painting though and it is much more difficult to write paintings - but oil painting has obvious advantages in comparison with acrylic painting. Colours of oil painting brighter, much more sated

if to look at a painting at a short distance that a painting written acrylic a paint it seems simply flat. And dabs of oil painting (especially at creation of paintings with the help acrylic ) a volume, thick in thick and "generous" paint coat. It is easy for seeing in the description to any my picture on my Gallery-site (

acrylic a paint "young enough" paint (it is invented and introduced in broad masses not so long ago) and creating your "masterpiece" nobody will give you guarantees as this acrylic a paint will lead herself in due course
And the oil paint for a writing of oil painting is checked up by centuries! But the oil paint for a writing of oil paintings on a canvas was not as though good - unfortunately it has in my opinion and lacks:
after the work termination ...

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