Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gentle autumn - large autumn oil painting. Artist Rybakow.

Hello. A long time I did not put their new oil paintings. And now waking up early in the morning and doing yoga, I quickly sat down at the computer. I want to tell you about a new large-format paintings. Now I do not remember the size of painting is likely: 60 x 144 centimeters. I do not often write large-format paintings. But to tell you why I wrote this painting. The fact that I had a period in paintings when I was writing alone autumn landscapes. I plunged into the fall, I would like to know the fall and penetrate its secrets. I wrote a painting after painting. And in these paintings was depicted various autumn: autumn landscape in the forest, autumn by the river, on the edge of autumn, autumn landscape city, namely in a lonely autumn city park. And as the end of his "fall season" I decided to make it a great autumn painting.
New autumn landscape turned unusual for me. I wanted to write it not as usual favorite palette knife. I wrote this autumn landscape brushes. Only in some places, I put the autumn foliage palette knife. And this new painting turned out in unusual gentle. That word "gentles" comes to my mind when I look at this big painting. I'm glad I discovered the beautiful autumn in a new way, with a gentle her. Artist Valery Rybakow
Gentle autumn - large autumn oil painting. Artist Rybakow.

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