Thursday, May 17, 2012

new palette knife oil flower painting: VASE FRESH FLOWERS


Painting Image VASE FRESH FLOWERS - Copyright ©
Size of Painting : 16.5 x 27.5 cm Oil on canvas, palette knife. 2012.
Painting Image VASE FRESH FLOWERS - Copyright ©

The street is fully hosted by beautiful spring. Have fun singing birds, green grass, colorful bloom beautiful and delicate flowers. From this the soul is so nice and the sublime. Maybe such lofty sentiments born this floral oil painting.

Painting with the flowers is different from most of my floral paintings colors. Compare, dear friends, and you will see the difference :-) HERE presence of more light colors of paint. Light background with flowers in the Painting - if I remember correctly - the first time in my flower Painting.

To some extent this
Painting with the flowers under the title: VASE FRESH FLOWERS can be called experimental. Though the artist must constantly experimenting to develop and grow professionally.

Interested in your opinion dear friends on the flower

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