Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Painting oil and palette knife: A Thousand Universes at the edge of the earth

Painting for sale.
This painting is of large size, written with oil and palette knife, can be called the most experimental and unusual the past year. Why did I say? All of what I had planned to paint this great painting - it should have been sunny, warm clouds ... be seen in the distance the forest, and in front of a beautiful box - endless fields of wildflowers. And in the end we got the big picture palette knife, which is called: "A thousand universes on the edge of the earth." At first, I resisted and tried to follow the planned story - and then decided that he shall take the top of my inner "I".

Artist Valery Rybakow. Experimental landscape oil and palette knife: "A thousand universes on the edge of the earth".

.Size painting: 24.5" in x 56" in, 2012.

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