Saturday, November 26, 2011

One of his painting, more than she remembered me for a long time...

Hello again dear lovers and lovers of beauty!

Today I want to tell you of one of his painting, more than she remembered me for a long time.
I present to you a knife oil painting «autumn painting or simply Autumn"
(it is available at:

/ / Reference to the big picture painting "Autumn": / /
And remember, this palette knife painting is a sad occasion and a good ...
In Moscow, March 29, 2010 was a terrorist attack in the subway. Affected many people, they needed help. Was organized by a charity auction, which I immediately agreed to participate.
After the auction I received a letter: "I have reason to be proud of - a knife painting of Valery Rybakow bought my son due to his flock of pocket money. He wished to contribute to)) said that hangs in my room. "
I was very touched by the truth ....
"I remember how in childhood and adolescence is very hard to part with pocket money - this is doubly pleased that my painting acquired by your son.

Frankly, I was hard to part with this work ... In moments when I felt sad and nebylo mood, I looked at this picture and I get a positive and confident in the brightest ... Why do so - i do not ...
I hope your son and this picture will bring only joy and good humor.

Sincerely, Valery Rybakow. "- That was my honest answer.

Such moments are permanently etched in my memory and take a nice place in your heart.

Thank you, your artist Valery Rybakow,
Divine love you, dear!

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